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Nah! The internet isn't making us more dumb, it's making us more lazy.

The way I look at it, the internet is home to a vast amount of information and therefore knowledge. It's how we choose to use the internet that determines whether we're using the information we look up efficiently. Similar to the calculator reference, if we use the internet as a means of getting an answer, then the detail as to how that answer is found remains blank to us. Our brain is less likely to register what we just found important enough for long term memory. We're not getting dumber, we're just not choosing to actually learn the material. Essentially, we're taking the hard work out of the process and using the easy way out. It's lazy behavior at its finest.

I actually think the internet can be quite beneficial and is a great source of learning new things, but it's how we choose to use that new found knowledge and how far we go with it beyond the computer that affects just how much we truly learn from it and keep locked in memory.
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