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Update #4 on my HeartGold grass monotype run, with 8 badges still.

-Kimono Girls battles! That Flareon was a problem; took down half my team, I believe. The Jolteon also knocked out my Tangrowth thanks to Double Team and paralysis hax.
-Did the Bell Tower (?, I'm used to calling it Tin Tower) thing with Ho-oh.
-Got a new HM Slave, Quagsire, for the whole Victory Road area. Had to ditch my Tangrowth in the meantime.
-Victory Road... Golbat are the embodiment of evil.
-Especially the rival's Golbat. Sneasel was a bit of a jerk, Typhlosion was scarily troublesome, but that Golbat was an annoying pain! Then I easily took out the last three (Magneton, Haunter, Kadabra) with my Sunflora's Sunnybeam combo.
-Brought Tangrowth back on to the team, and we're currently grinding.

The team so far:

Chicory (Meganium, male) Lv. 44
@Miracle Seed
-Petal Dance
-Light Screen

Ginger (Victreebel, female) Lv. 44
@Shell Bell
-Razor Leaf
-Sludge Bomb
-Stun Spore
-Vine Whip

Anise (Jumpluff, female) Lv. 44
@King's Rock
-Giga Drain
-Sleep Powder
-Leech Seed

Thyme (Gloom, male) Lv. 44
@Poison Barb
-Sleep Powder
-Mega Drain

Cilantro (Sunflora, male) Lv. 44
@Quick Claw
-Petal Dance
-Sunny Day
-Leaf Storm

Sage (Tangrowth, male) Lv. 43
Leaf Guard
-Mega Drain

HM Slave:
-Rock Smash

I've also started my FireRed run of this challenge. So far, I have two badges.

-Started with Bulbasaur, named him Garlic.

-Beat Rival ProfOak, using up my Potion because of a lucky crit. Worth the experience.
-Delivered the parcel to the old Professor Oak.
-On Route 1, caught a Seedot named Fava. Wait, Seedot? What are you doing here? I'm not planning on training one in Emerald, and Kanto (FireRed) only has five grass-type families, so...

-Did some grinding, and took on the rival again. Leech Seed to victory!
-Got through Viridian City and Forest, and made it to Pewter.
-Beat Brock and got the Boulder Badge! Not a particularly exciting battle.
-Fava evolved... Huh? Oh, probably need the National Dex for that. I found a cheat for that, but I shouldn't use it until I get the Tea from the old lady in Celadon or something.

-Mt. Moon - caught Cassava, the Paras. I'll train it for real this time! Also, Garlic evolved.

-Reached Cerulean and beat Rival again. That Pidgeotto is dangerous.
-Caught an Oddish north of Cerulean and named her Arugula.

-Got the S.S. Ticket.
-Beat Misty and won the Cascade Badge! A bit more exciting than Brock's battle.

-Reached Vermillion and cleared the route east of it.
-Caught some more pokémon so I can get Flash later.

The team so far:

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