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Quote originally posted by the__end:
And you once mentioned that you will make boosters for energy cards right?
Maybe instead of this you should give an infinite number of each Basic Energy to the player. Basic Energies are always needed in mass and its bothersome to open boosters (even if they are for free) to get them.
I said it will be possible, eventually. I may include an energy-only booster set as an example of how to create mix-'n'-match booster sets, but it certainly doesn't need to be a feature. Mix-'n'-match booster sets will cause problems with throttling rarities, though, so I may ditch throttling and have booster pack contents be entirely random.

If you want to give the player 60 of each energy card, you can do that yourself. It makes finding energy cards in booster packs pointless and annoying, though. Besides, I think the need for energy cards encourages the player to duel more in order to get more booster packs.