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Pokemon Crystal Update #4 (Final Update)
Badges Obtained: 16 + Red Defeated
Total Time Played:
Most Useful Pokemon:
Most Useful Staller: Umbreon

Victory! This challenge was fun, and it was quite difficult in the end, with the final battle with Red taking a total of 55 minutes. Sadly, in that fight, evolving Poliwhirl into Poliwrath made it slightly less useful due to its newfound weakness against flying types... Ouch. Snorelax took the longest to defeat, only being brought down by Recoil's supersonic working with Gengar's curse. All of Red's Pokemon were brought down by slowly chipping away at their HP and using Flash while repeatedly healing myself up. At any rate...

Victory Picture:

(Note: The camera flipped the image, and I forgot to re-flip it.)

Final Team:

ブラッキ the Umbreon (M)
Level 52
-Take Down
-Baton Pass
-Quick Attack

アリアドス the Ariados (M)
Level 34
-Poison Sting
-Night Shade
-Scary Face

レアコイル the Magneton
Level 45
-Thunder Shock
-Super Sonic

ニョロボン the Poliwrath (M)
Level 44

ゲンガー the Gengar (M)
Level 49
-Shadow Ball
-Dream Eater

ルージュラ the Jynx (F)
Level 47
-Ice Punch
-Powder Snow
-Body Slam

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