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Upon landing on the island, just at the top of the first waterfall, Spark couldn't help but feel small. Looking to the top of the mountain, she could see an outline of a wonderful and tall castle. He could see the silhouette of flying object near it, circling it. "That must be our target." He laughed, "Remember when we used to do this for food and clothing. Now we are doing it to help, times change." She began to lift off but Xatu warned in her head.

Flying leaves you vulnerable to attack, you may not be a faster flyer than him and get ambushed. She nodded, See that cave? It should take you to the top I sighed.

"So much time in caves, I kinda wish this guy would come down here and fight me already."

Well it isn't just a cave, you will have to climb a mountain and walk through a forest. I should say that stealth would be your best bet, if you can get in and save the girl and then get out, then you might be able to fight him over land or water, a better advantage for you.

"Caves are so eerie without companions, I kinda miss people..." She ranted.
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