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flying mono-type challenge #1:


-started game
-stopped by oak while entering the tall grass
-obtained charmander
-nicknamed charmander enflammer (its french for ignite)
-defeated rival Gary
-walked through route #1
-arrived in viridian city
-obtained oak's parcel
-returned to pallet town
-delivered oak's parcel
-obtained pokedex and pokeballs
-caught pidgey
-nicknamed pidgey hawkeye
-returned to viridian city
-defeated rival Gary on route 22
-entered viridian forest
-easily defeated all the trainers
-arrived in pewter city
-challenged the pewter city gym
-battled gym leader brock
-defeated brock and obtained the boulderbadge
-enflammer (charmander) evolved into charmeleon


I will be updating after every gym


Enflammer (charmeleon) -LVL 16

hawkeye (pidgey) -LVL 15