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Alice Crenshaw

Well, now the chances of Alice winning the battle with Rollout were less. Not only Jello was blinded by Pidge's Sand Attack, but now the bird was flying up in the air, which made Jello miss his second strike. Alice was aware of Rollout's big problem, which was its accuracy. She had to think of another move, and quick, before the battle was lost. Her heart began to beat faster, and she bit her lower lip.

"Jello, um, use, eerh, Psywave!" she shouted.

Jello, blinded by the attack, fired a wave of psychic energy at where the sound of Pidge's movement came from. However, the attack didn't look like it was going to strike its target. Chuck watched the battle with amusement in his eyes, and started to egg on his purple team partner.

"Come on, Jello! Ya can totally do it, mate!"
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