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It would be an interesting concept if you could choose your own adventure, but the main Pokémon games have always been about collecting 8 gym badges, defeating the villainous team and then defeating the Champion of the Pokémon League.

But I think being able to choose different paths in which way you'd like to go, such as joining the evil team would be nice... not that it would probably happen though. How about something in which you can only do once in the game? Where you actually choose a certain command or something and at the end... the person gives you a different item, depending on which command you chose.

And as for being able to weaken wild Pokémon through words to convince them to join... I really don't see this happening, but it would be nice to have something like that, but I think it should be left to the scripts in the game, like how Zorua joined you in B/W if you had a spare Poké Ball and a Celebi. And also... the anime pretty much explains that Pokémon like to have a little challenge to strengthen themselves before they can be caught, almost like as if they're playing a little game, like how some of Ash's Pokémon did. The same thing would also apply to the games themselves. ;)
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