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1st update For Fire Red
-Choose Squirtle as starter and named him slave
-Got the parcel and gave it to Oak
-Went to the viridian forest and caught a Caterpie (Ozzy) and a Weedle (Lance)
-Grinded both Weedle and Caterpie until they evolved into Metapod and Kakuna
-Got through the forest and evolved them again into Weedle and Butterfree
-Grinded until they were both level 15
-Took out Brock with confusion
-Battled through Route 3
-Caught a Paras in Mt.Moon
-Easily beat Team Rocket
-Got to Cerulean, beat blue and grinded Paras on route 24 and 25, did the stuff with Bill
-Beat Misty with Paras quite easily (Bullet Seed)
-Then I saved