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Okay First Update on My ultimate Poison Challenge

Heart Gold

- Got Totodile Did all the usual mr. pokemon, rival stuff
- Caught a lvl. 2 spinarak at route 30
- Grinded it with my slave totodile to lvl. 7 where it was able to kill pidgeys by itself
- grinded a little more to lvl. 11
- went to dark cave to catch a lvl. 2 Zubat grinded him to lvl 13 and went to sprout tower
- defeated Falkner with zubat and Spinarak at lvl. 15 (tried at level 13 with both but that
didn't work out pidgeotto is pretty killer against spinarak, and zubat is pretty weak.)
- went to Azalea Town got to ~lvl. 19 and beat the rival and went to Ilex Forest to get an
Oddish at lvl. 5. and went to union cave and grinded Oddish to the same level as the others(lvl. 20)
- went through Ilex forest caught another oddish as HM slave for cut.
- in Goldenrod i went for the park and beat trainers lvl. 23 for everyone, Now Golbat, Gloom and Ariados
- beat Whitney
- went to ecruteak and saved.

my team @ Ecruteak

Ariados lvl. 26
- poison sting
- fury swipes
- Night shade
- shadow sneak

Gloom lvl. 26
- Absorb
- Mega drain
- Acid
- Sleep powder

Golbat lvl. 26
- Wing attack
- Leech life
- Bite
- Confuse ray