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Luka Sokolov - Chapter 1-3: Friendly Foes
Luka stood where he was for a few moments before he managed to calm himself down. He couldn't believe he had almost triggered a break down in front of his team, and at the very beginning of the mission no less. At least he had succeeded in keeping it contained. He heard his teammates Nox and Adrian arguing about their plans, and Destiny was silent, probably disappointed in them or thinking about how unfortunate she was to be saddled with a bunch of rookies. Adrian finished his point, clearly aggravated, and asked for the thoughts of the rest of the group once more. Luka sighed and came back to the group to give his two cents on the matter.

"I agree with Nox," Luka began. "A decoy would be a great way to enter unnoticed and best use the element of surprise. I also believe that if he can really turn their numbers against them, then we would stand a far better chance at winning." Luka imagined Adrian would be quite upset at this point after hearing this, but that he was patient enough to let him finish. "However, I also agree with Adrian. The plan as Nox presents it is far too dangerous." He turned to Nox. "Besides overestimating the civility of vampires and assuming the beasts wouldn't frenzy after you the moment you step in there, maybe even the moment they see you, you are also underestimating the harbingers big-time. Like reapers, the harbingers have a wide variety of abilities, some even having an array of them by themselves. There is no way of knowing whether or not one of them has one of the many ways of being able to see through a disguise, either physically or mentally. They could also have a way of negating your magic. There are eight of them, and there may even be more yet to come, so the chances of there being one like that are much greater. All I'm saying is that we'll need to think every step of this plan through if we want to survive. Vampires are easy, but each harbinger is a wild card."

Luka really didn't want to upset anyone, but he was willing to in order to keep his team safe. He wasn't going to let Nox's mettle get him killed. He truly hoped Destiny would step in to fix the situation, but it was entirely possible she wasn't going to so that the younger reapers could learn to resolve things themselves, or build character. While he would never question her decision in that case, he still wouldn't like it. He decided he couldn't give criticism without a suggestion, so he asked,"What other disguises would you be able to do? Maybe if there was some way to impersonate one of their own, the plan would work better. If the question is their numbers, we could try finding a way to take one of them out and replace them, so they won't suspect one is missing. It would still be very dangerous and very risky, but I believe it has a slightly better chance of working, or at least keeping the vampires off you." He hoped Nox could pull such a thing off. He began to think Masato or Byrne would have been much better options for this mission instead of himself.
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