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Base: PKMN Blue

Tools: in Tools section, mostly Swampert Tools
Current Beta: 1

Hello Emulation. I am Dradier, and I am here to present you guys a hack. Pokémon Ice Blue is a advance of Pokémon Blue with lots of extra features to make it enjoyable. This is my first hack. You might know me in Game Dev. I've had to restart this a couple times due to the lack of experience hacking. Theres now two patchs to be released, the 1st Gen patch, and the Remade Graphics 3rd Gen patch. There both BW though.

Same as Blue

Articuno Title
Unexpected Pokemon, not so random though
Harder Trainers
Harder Gyms
Harder Pokémon
Different Coin Prizes
Get all three starters from the prize center
Different trades, better deals
Stronger Rival, [Weak at the beginning]
Now gym leader's Pokémon have different special moves
Now get two TMs for each gym leader
Master Ball and Rare Candy for sell
Stones are also sold in Vermillion, Cerulean, and Cinnibar
Stat changes: stronger starters
RBG Starter Editor
GB Starter Editor
GB Trade Editor
Prize Editor
Mart Editor
GB Gym Editor
RB Trainer Editor
RBY Wild Pokémon Editor
Swampert Tools
Creators of poketext, RBY Pokémon Editor
poke edit
Generation 2 patch by Danny
Graphics Upgrade=
Now: Beta 1, second gym, then the game gets easier after that..
Check attachments
3rd gen or 1st gen, you chose.
Better graphics

1st Gen: really not recommended, doesn't make sense if theres better gen graphics.

The hack is the same, but you can have the better graphics and play it or the original graphics and play it. Later on though, it will only be released in better graphics [Graphics Patch by Danny]
Up to second gym with Misty
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