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Quote originally posted by Akiyuki Aretukasu:
Well, I haven't been here in ages. Sure has died down a lot. :(

Rather than posting a huge list of resources, I'll just direct you to a group on deviantART that has pretty much every resource that I (Karite-Kita-Neko) have made, including a vast amount of resources made by others as well.

Here you can find all sorts of blanks (both official and custom), icons & symbols, holosheets, placement guides, and tools to make your very own blanks.
It really has. It's kind of hard to lead the way on this when I don't have the patience for Photoshop. The best I can consistently churn out for fake cards is text-based fakes, but if I don't have inspiration, I can't churn anything out for one of those, either.
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