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MY Battle Record
Day 1:
Won vs Chocolate+500¥+10 points
Won vs Jake+500¥+10 points
Lost vs Jake+250¥+5 points
Purchased-4 leftovers-1000¥
Purchased 1 Pokeball-250¥
won vs daydreams away+500¥+10 points
lost vs Wolflare+250¥+5points
Day 2:
Purchased 2 leftovers and a choice scarf. -750¥
won vs Chocolate+500¥+10points
lost vs Chocolate+250¥+5 points
lost vs Chocolate(so much hax it was ridiculous)+250¥+5points
purchased 1 choice scarf
won vs Chocolate+500¥+10 points
Day 3:
Bought 2 items-500¥
lost vs LMFAO word up-+250¥+5 points
won vs Chocolate+500¥+10 points
won vs Lmfao word up.+500¥+10points
lost vs Hyperbeem+250¥+5 points
Day 4:
won vs Chocolate+500¥+10 points
won vs Chocolate+500¥+10 points
Day 5:
tie vs Weighty+250¥+5 points
Record: 4-4 | Money: 3750¥ | Points: 125
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