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2012 made me shed a tear and then it made me smile made me one year older learned me that no matter how good of a person i am i still do mistakes too...made me see those mistakes and to work on fixing them...tbh i said everywhere that 2012 was a bad year for me and that i didn't like it but this poll right now made me feel that however 2012 was very hard it did changed me for better!!!

i only saw people mistakes and never saw mine..always blamed people on their faults while never blamed myself when i do the same mistakes...blamed someone for something i was the reason they did it and didn't see that i was the reason till 2012 showed me took me away from someone for a few time then brought us back together!...i'm older and hopefully wiser and really wish really that i never fall at the same mistakes again....thank you 2012 and farewell! you brought to me happiness,pain and were the year 22 of my life and i won't be 22 again so,i appreciate that

something 2013 learned me btw....everything has the good and the bad..don't focus on the bad and forget the good or you will feel miserable all the time because trust me sometimes if not all the time..the bad thing brings something good to you later..just believe in that!!

thanks thread..because of you i saw the beautiful moments of 2012 and it's not as bad as i used to say and think!! <3
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