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What are you listening to?
Yep, WAYLT is back in action, this time with 30% less trans fats! So, are you listening to an amazing song from your favorite artist, or a song you're hearing for the first time and want to share it with the world? Well, now you can! However, before you post, please give the short rules listing a quick once over so you know how to post.

WAYLT Posting Guidelines

  • It is mandatory that each post have a comment coinciding the song title and artist/band name that is relevant to the song. This is to mitigate the spamming of the thread and to minimize the likeliness of it turning into another PC+1 thread like it has in the past. Posts without a comment will be deleted to keep the thread clean.
  • If you're listening to a song via Youtube, you may link the video along with your post. You may not embed videos.
With that, happy-sharing-your-music-with-onlookers!