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Update #2!


- Beat Team Aqua Grunt to rescue Peeko and get the Devon Goods
- Chico evolves into Combusken while I'm battling trainers outside Dewport
- Beat Bawly
- Delivered letter to Steven and head off to Slateport
- Beat all the trainers at the Seashore House
- Spend 10 minutes looking for Oddish on route 110 (THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE COMMON, WHAT IS GOING ON!), finally find one, and accidentally knock it out.
- Find one another 10 minutes later and manage to catch it and name him Thorn.
- Delivered the Devon Goods to Captain Stern and beat the Team Aqua Grunts
- Beat the Trick Master
- Encounter a whole bunch of Oddish (of course, NOW they all show up)
- Beat Brendan
- Thorn evolves into Gloom
- Got bike
- Beat Wally
- Beat Wattson
- Beat the Winstrate Family



Chico, the Present

Level 28
Modest male Combusken
Peck | Cut | Double Kick | Ember

Mona, the Attraction

Level 24
Modest female Beautifly
Flash | Gust | Stun Spore | Mega Drain

Thorn, the Flower

Level 23
Relaxed male Gloom
Absorb (grass) | Sweet Scent | Poison Powder | Sleep Powder (grass)