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Originally Posted by TheEasyKill View Post
I have just joined this community, so let me first say "Hello!" I have played through every Gen except for D/P/P, yet was never able to really get a formula down for success, and am looking for some suggestions on what exactly to with my team. I am at the E4. Currently, it consists of:

Level 46 Zebstrika with Discharge, Wild Charge, Stomp, and Thunderbolt
If you want a Normal move on Zebstrika (which isn't a bad idea, since it'll give it something neutral to hit things that resist the rest of its attacks), Return is better than Stomp. And drop Discharge for Flame Charge. Zebstrika's got better attack than special attack, so Wild Charge is the better choice, except for the recoil. Since there's nothing else really pressing in the moveset, it's not that bad to have both, but if you think you can afford the recoil of Wild Charge, replace Thunderbolt with Thunderwave for guaranteed paralysis.

Level 48 Seismitoad with Muddy Water, Mud Shot, Bulldoze and Flail
Seismitoad really wants Surf or Scald instead of Muddy Water - Surf has the same power and much better accuracy and Scald doesn't have quite as much power, but has a chance to Burn, which is extremely handy. Drop Mud Shot and relearn Drain Punch. Bulldoze is fine (Earthquake is better, but you don't have the TM yet). Flail is the same deal as with Zebstrika - if you really want a Normal move, go with Return. Personally though, I like Rock Slide in that slot.

Level 46 Stoutland with Surf, Crunch, Shadow Ball, and Retaliate
Keep Crunch. You really don't want Surf or Shadow Ball, in part because they're special attacks and Stoutland's physical attack is much better, and in the case of Shadow Ball, because its coverage pretty much duplicates Crunch's anyway (as a general rule, Ghost and Dark attacks are interchangeable - use one or the other but not both). Learn Return in place of Retaliate. While you're at the Move Relearner getting Drain Punch for Seismitoad, have Stoutland learn Ice Fang. The fourth slot is up for grabs - I like Dig all in all, but you don't really need it with Seismitoad there. Thunder Fang would be another good option.

Level 46 Archeops with U-turn (Don't ask), Shadow Claw, Fly, and Aerial Ace
As noted - no item and Acrobatics in place of Aerial Ace and it's fine.

Level 47 Emboar with Heat Crash, Giga Impact, Strength, and Hammer Arm
Get rid of Giga Impact. I mean like get up right now, turn the game on and get rid of that move. The only pokemon that should ever get Giga Impact is Slaking, and that's only because it only moves once every other turn anyway. Again, if you really want a Normal attack, use Return. Since you've already got Strength on there though, you don't even need that.

Personally, I'd get rid of Heat Crash - it's just too undependable and the times that it hits hard are rarely times that you need it to. The most dangerous opponents often tend to be the heaviest, and those are the ones it hits the weakest. I sort of like Flame Charge with Hammer Arm, since the Flare Blitz speed boost buys back the Hammer Arm speed loss, but that's sort of gimmicky and only works when you're against something that can actually be hurt by both, and the power of Flame Charge leaves quite a lot to be desired. IMO, the best Fire move on Emboar (until you can get Flare Blitz) is probably Flamethrower, even with Emboar's generally lower Special Attack, just because it's powerful and it has no consequences. And if you get Emboar's Special Attack up to the point that it can do pretty good with Flamethrower, then Scald is a natural for the last slot.

Level 50 Zweilous with Crunch, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, and Body Slam
Zweilous is sort of a pain in the butt.
Dragon Pulse is going to be a great attack when it's a Hydreigon. It's only meh when it's a Zweilous though, since its special attack is still lagging. But Dragon Rush, nice though it is otherwise, REALLY suffers with Zweilous' Hustle. It's only a 75% accurate move anyway, and with Hustle, it's just that much worse. Crunch is great. Body Slam is okay (it's one of the few moves that I'll grudgingly let go without suggesting Return instead, since it's got a relatively high chance of paralysis to offset its lower power). I can't remember - is the Dragon Tail TM pre-E4? Do you have it? If you do, I'd probably go with that in place of... one of the others. Dragon Rush hits harder, except when it misses, while Dragon Pulse doesn't hit as hard, but if you get rid of it now, you'll probably end up relearning it later when it evolves into Hyrdreigon.