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Started a Nuzlocke in Sapphire last night.

The official stuff:

Username: Arlo
Game: Sapphire
Optional rules: Random starter, duplicates don't count, game starts when I get pokeballs, nickname everything... that's probably about it.


There are few things in games I love more than the opening of RSE. There's just something about riding in the back of that truck, then stopping, then the door opens and the light shines in and you get out and the music starts and.... it's just awesome.

Looked at the movers, set the clock, went to the lab, went back out, found out someone was in trouble on the route north of town and saw the Prof. Opened the briefcase, then flipped three coins for odd one out to decide the starter, and got Mudkip. A female. Handily won, then went back to the lab and talked to the prof and got the Mudkip and named her Hazel. Then it was off to meet May.

Almost made it to her without an encounter, but ran into a Zigzagoon in the last patch of grass. Beat it and didn't take much damage in return, so went ahead and fought her right then, and won easily, in three turns with a crit on the second. Then it was back to the lab to get the Pokedex and some pokeballs, then back out to Route 101, this time armed with Pokeballs. Scared up and caught a female Zigzagoon with Pickup, and named her Sylvia. Ground her up to level 6 (to match Hazel), then it was on to Route 103. Found and caught a female Poochyena and named her Brenda, then ground her up to level 6 as well. Then it was on to Route 102. Where, of all things, I turned up a female Ralts.

I can remember times when I spent hours on Route 102 trying to catch a female Ralts, and this time, unlikely as it was, it was the first thing I found. And the really strange part is that it's not even really what I wanted. Sure - I love Gardevoir - it's easily my favorite Hoenn pokemon, and I don't think I've ever played through the region without one. But that's the point - this is a Nuzlocke. I actually wanted to catch something I haven't used as much, like maybe a Lotad. But anyway - caught a female Ralts and named her Vanessa. Then it was on to Petalburg City. Did the rounds, met Dad, met Wally, watched as he caught his own Ralts, then it was on to Route 104. Found and caught a male Wurmple and named him Irv. Spent some time grinding around there and got everyone up to about level 7 (and evolved Irv to Cascoon), then it was off to Petalburg Woods. Found and caught a male Shroomish and named him Clyde, then fought all the trainers and ground everyone up to about level 9 and went on to Rustboro City. Did the rounds there, then put Clyde (with the newly learned Bullet Seed TM) in the lead and went to Roxanne's gym. Clyde handled the first trainer's first Geodude, then Hazel came in on the second and took it down with a few Mud Slaps. She leveled up after that fight and picked up Water Gun, with which she one-shotted the last Geodude. And the next trainer's only one. Then she took down Roxanne's Geodude and Clyde switched in and whittled down the Nosepass with a combination of Leech Seed and Bullet Seed. Left the gym and we're currently saved right outside the door, ready to work my way back toward Oldale and put that nifty Cut thing to use for a bit before heading out for the next route and.... whatever's going on with that jumpy Devon guy....

Hazel the Mudkip lvl 11
Clyde the Shroomish lvl 11
Brenda the Poochyena lvl 9
Sylvia the Zigzagoon lvl 9
Irv the Cascoon lvl 9
Vanessa the Ralts lvl 10