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I'd like to share some of my ideal trainers classes:
  • Students: Just out of school for winter break!
  • Elves: Santa's helpers that are not supposed to be seen.
  • Campers and Picnickers: Now much more daring, to camp in the snow.
  • Mountaineers/Hikers: Trying to climb the challenge.
  • Skiiers/Boarders: Having fun in the icy landscape!
  • Santa: He's going to play an important role in my hack.
  • Police/Emergency Team: People in the snow tend to get trapped, or hurt during skiing.
  • Govt-Hired Officials: Clearing the snow off public paths, of course.
  • Parent/Parents: Having a fun time out with their kids. This goes well with..
  • Lass and Lad: I thought "Youngster" was inconsistent.
  • Geologists and Meteorlogists: Studying to predict the future weather.
Of course this would take tons of work. Right now my main concern is finding someone who would do this for the hack!
If I do find someone, there's going to be lots of overlap between these classes and the ones you have.
I'll let you know if anything gets going.
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