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@Sydian excuse me but I've completed Crystal too >_< . I've signed up on post #91 and I've completed it on post #126 not to complain or something just to let you know (I'm saying this because i noticed you've updated the first post >_<)

#1 Started my Ruby run


-got MarshalLaw the Naughty
-defeated May
-caught Ester the Modest

*6 Double Teams and Confusion

-MarshalLaw evolved at Dewford Gym into
-caught Mari the Quiet
-caught Petals the Modest

*'s Confusion

-Ester evolved at Trick House into
-defeated Wally
-Petals evolved at Mauville Gym into

*easy with

-done all Routes
-defeated Magma

6 Calm Mind+Psychic fromOHKO

6 Bulk Up + Double Kick fromOHKO

-caught Maru the Hardy

Next part will be from 6th badge to the end :D I hope doing it today xD
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