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Originally Posted by ZetaZaku View Post
But I really miss the time, when you had to beat the game multiple times, with different characters, different routes, do challenges etc to get new costumes. Now? You have to PAY for the new costumes. Even games that do have secret costumes, mostly offer you some lame costumes, while releasing good ones as DLC.
Yeah, but this isn't the situation with all games. I don't really have this problem and DLC accessories like this I am alright with. As I stated in my last post with costume and blah, I said that I liked to be unique and different. The DLC for TF2 is such a good representation of being able to do this; every character I see has a different loadout and most of the time wearing different things. Also, buying a costume or whatever still doesn't cost much. DLC never really costs much unless, like Skyrim and CoD, they are major and more like expansions.

Thus, I dislike them just because they became a replacement for unlockables. DLC are good if they are actual expansions, made separately, and not at the same time as the original game and then locked.
This happens to games only with silly developers. In a lot of games that have DLC stuff, the best things are ones that you can unlock or find.

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