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Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
DLC never really costs much unless, like Skyrim and CoD, they are major and more like expansions.
I wouldn't say that. There are alot of games, chiefly CoD, that add areas to the game and 9 times out of 10 they don't add features (or maybe one or two) at $15 a pop. I would call that a lot for maps alone, and I don't know if I'd call those "expansion" level DLCs, either; especially if all of them together cost $10 (or $20) less than the game itself. Then there are games that offer weapons for around $5, ingame objects (literally games that you are already in the game that you can get without paying) for $10, characters for $10 (which is usually 1/6th of what the game costs), and many other things that, for the number of people that are in most of these companies, probably take little time and/or effort to make.

Then you have to consider exactly how often the company releases games. I think for games like the Elder Scrolls series, it works rather well (well, not so much with Oblivion as it does with Morrowind and Skyrim) as the games add full blown expansions with new content, new areas, new storylines, so on and so forth. Even then, though, I'd say "$15" would be a more appropriate price.

The problem is that there is no standard for this kind of stuff, so developers just add what they want to and keep ideas for paid DLC. It's a great moneymaking tactic, not sure how much I like it though. It seems as if many games intentionally leave out these things for the sake of making money- they definitely do, and since they get little to no backlash, it's alright. It's not always the case, though, and there are games our there that "do it right", but, as has been said, it's the big names that usually cash in on this the most. And almost any game made by EA and Activision.

*Sigh* but I think the chance that this will change anytime soon is pretty low. I'll remain hopeful, though.
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