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Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
Do you remember Super Milk Chan's debut on Adult Swim in 2004? If something as girly and outrageously stupid as that wasn't a flop, an actual anime like Madoka Magica wouldn't be any more of one. I would actually enjoy being able to watch it on television, along with Fate/Zero, one I haven't seen.
I have no idea how Super Milk Chan did in ratings back then, but that was also at a time when [adult swim] was still running anime on weeknights. Still, it was a comedy, which is [as]'s thing pretty much. But this about what is appropriate for an action cartoon block primarily aimed at the 18-34 year old male demo. Magical moe girls may appeal to hardcore otaku, but that is not Toonami's target audience.

I've heard good things about Fate/Zero, so maybe they'll pick it up one day.

Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
Actually, I'm not sure I'd be opposed to bringing any anime into the Toonami block. Bring on all the animu!
Remember, Toonami isn't an anime block, it's an "action cartoon" block. Not all anime belongs on the block. Example: K-On. If that show were to air, there would be a huge backlash. That would be worse than when they were forced to show Hamtaro and Wulin Warriors.
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