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Lets see. If a person who bullied me would die
Of course I cant say I would mourn deeply but I could feel sorry for his/her relatives and friends. I think that when people die their family/friends usualy have a much more positive aproach on the person. I mean that people often remember the good rather than the bad. Which is fine by me. But I think a person should be rememberred of what he/she was and for their deeds. Not for something they were not. And as for the Osama thing...bah...people die everyday, one persons death is newer such a spectacle that should be celebrated. No. Every death should be accepted as is. Without nation wide celebrations. It is human nature to be happy when a hated person dies...but that doesnt mean it is still right either. I am not taking a stand on the question did he deserve it. I just express how I think.

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