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Mana Murasaki
The Espeon girl
At the Cafetaria

Mana followed the group to all kind of foods. Valorie walked over to that guy… Mark, right? Valorie's crush… Mana couldn't help but still wanted to apologize to Valorie for what Mana had done earlier the day at the mountain. Kilik seemed a little off and Mana sensed sadness. Kilik? Sad? Was that the reason he was acting so cold all the time?

Mana heard Drake calling out Valorie to tell her she can catch up later. Mana was surrounded by so many people and surrounded by new friends so far Kilik saw her as a new friend. Even though she was, she couldn't help but still feel this empty hole in her heart… as if something was missing. And ofcourse there was something missing, almost everyone here was with parents and where were Mana's parents? One was laying under a gravestone and the other one made Mana leave his house. How could her mother have loved such men?

Mana saw Kilik was getting some food, and Drake and Kiyoko were following his example. Will she be allowed to eat fish? Mana got a plate and tried it out. It was a miracle Fox didn't start to bite her. Mana got a plate full of Salmon, Rainbow Trout Sashimi and normal chicken meat. Yes… Mana loved meat, not because she had Espeon DNA, she was born that way. "Are you enjoying your food?" Mana asked Kilik with a smile. Mana couldn't stand seeing her new friends sad like that, so she was going to do her best to cheer him up. How… rude he might be…

Mana also blinked at Drake a few times, she really would like to hear some stories from his journey, but it could wait, for now…

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