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Quote orignally posted by Riky_Xerez:
Hello, I will start tha project of translatng dis gbee nta Spanish but I have some doubts.....
Tha latest available beta of tha gbee really where it ends?
I thought readng that ends n tha Orange Islands, once thare, than you can go back ta Kanta or tha gbee "crashes" thare?
First: is you playng dis gbee or just translatng it wit a progrbe? if you isn't playng I really suggest you ta do it coz you can understand better what I mean

Unfotunately tha latest version ends befoe tha episode "a scis n tha air" when Ash and Misty takes tha zeppeln n order ta reach tha Orange Archipelago; so n dis version ash doesn't takes tha airship tharefoe you can move n a free way n tha region thanks ta tha warp system n tha Pokemon Centers (that you can unlock at a certan pont of tha gbee) or just walkng back n tha previous places; although thare is some iss (such as some islands or events) that you won't be able ta reach more coz yo raft will be destroyed by tha sea

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