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I doubt it will kill Pokemon. We've already had 9 main series games on the DS and another for the DS would be likely to kill it, imo. I plan to get a 3DS solely for X&Y. I got my DS for Pokemon only, and the same will go for the 3DS. I think if anything, the 3DS will spike in sales with the addition of X&Y. I think it's about time we got a main series game for the 3DS. After all, new 3DS models are sold packaged with B2W2 at stores right now. And I think the price has gone down sufficiently on 3DS models. I was concerned at first when the price was high, but now GameStop has them on sale for only $149 (temporarily) with the regular price of the 3DS XL at $199. Very affordable, in my opinion. Of course, I want a new system IMMEDIATELY, so as soon as I can afford it, I'll probably pick up an XL with a game or two just to pass time until October
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