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Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
Actually, fighters and platformers this generation completely trump last gen's. The former was completely scarce and basically dead until Street Fighter 4 decided to roll in and revive the genre in 2009. I mean, sure you got Tekken, and while Tag Tournament was a great PS2 launch game, 4 was disappointing. 5 got a port later on the PS3/360 with online that ultimately made it the definitive version. That said actually, online was also a huge part in the genre's return.

Good platformers were pretty much rare last gen however. The GBA was the only viable hardware if you wanted good platformers, but most of them were ports, and the only notable original platformer was Wario Land 4. Sony's PS2 platformers (Jak, Sly and Ratchet) were way gimmicky and really felt more action than platformer. Mario Sunshine was better but it still was gimmicky and didn't meet the bar that 64 set. The other platformer the GCN had, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (second best platformer last gen behind WL4), was a combo rhythm-based platformer that was designed around bongos. Xbox had no notable platformers at all.
Yeah forgot fighting which was also top of this gen, I'm not gonna deny it. The GBA comment though...the hell? Drill Dozer, the two Klonoa's, Megaman Zero 1-4, Kirby Return to Dremland and a whole slew of other games which were 100% new are on it. I dunno what GBA you owned, but it killed when it came to 2D platforming goodness. And more action then platformer still makes it a platformer if you're running around, jumping from place to place. There's a reason why action-platformers exists.

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