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Originally Posted by liam7199 View Post
Ok thanks, I just took on blane with a pinsir and it wasn't that bad

-Went through the pokemon tower and then got the pokeflute from mr.Fiji
-Went to route 12 and battled all the trainers and the snorlax
-Gave the tea to the guards and entered Saffron city
-Defeated all the trainers in the dojo
-Got psychic and gave it to Butterfree
-After getting lost for ages I finally battled team rocket and Giovanni in the silph co building
-Grinded everyone up to level 39
-Battled Sabrina to get my fifth badge
-Travelled to Fusha City and hack in a Pinsir as you can catch it at this point but only in leaf green
-Grinded him on the cycling road and in the grass beside it to level 39
-Defeated Koga for my sixth badge
-Battled all the trainers in routes 19 and 20
-Got the key from the mansion to get into Blaine’s gym and won against him with pinsir
-Done all the 1, 2 and 3 island things
-Took on the eighth gym and got the last badge
-Saved here


Pinsir level 44
Brick Break

Beedrill level 43
Pin Missle
Aerial Ace
Twin Needle

Scyther level 42
Double Team
Swords Dance
Wing Attack

Butterfree level 44
Sleep Powder
Shadow Ball

Parasect level 45
Giga Drain
Sorry, guy. No hacking allowed. And as far as I can tell you never invoked my 1000 post promotion. Go read the first post and fix this, or remove the Pinsir from your game. Sorry I missed your question earlier, but it wasn't really in a place that was easy to notice.