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I only updated an hour ago, but I beat Burgh in Black2. So here's some stuff

-Did PokeStar Studio Tutorial
-Traveled to Castelia City
-Explored some of the city

-Explored the rest of the City
-Explored Castelia Sewers
-VS Leader Burgh:
--VS Swadloon: Venoshock(x5) w/ Kaiser
--VS Dwebble: Rock Smash & Venoshock(x4) w/ Kaiser
--VS Leavanny: Bug Bite(x4) w/ Geoff
-Obtained Insect Badge


Geoff [LEAVANNY] Lv23 (M)
Serious Nature @Miracle Seed
-Razor Leaf
-Bug Bite

Kaiser [WHIRLIPEDE] Lv24 (F)
Docile Nature @Scope Lens
Poison Point
-Bug Bite
-Rock Smash

Next is against Erika in LeafGreen I believe.

Kanto - Rainbow Badge - 5/3/13

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