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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
This is silly, really. I save up money I made in high school for no particular reason, and then when I got the chance to travel to an anime convention, I had the money to do so. If I hadn't saved I wouldn't have been able to go. You also have to always plan for bad things to happen that you might need money for. It's irresponsible, even when young, to spend every last penny you have. :/
I have to agree with this.
Though I have yet to spend the money I have saved, it will have a use eventually. Worst case scenario, I never get to spend it. Then it just can be put toward whatever my family (or friends, if I have no family) wants it to be used for. I:

Just seen the above post.
Perhaps. It is a pretty good card, but the only attack takes like 6 energy cards- and you have to discard them all after using it. I've been tempted to buy card packs and make money by selling them- I still might do that sometime. Stupid, but it would be entertaining and I'd probably get some cash out of it, considering unless a card is really common, people sell them online for at least $0.99
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