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I actually liked the endless water routes in Hoenn. xP Especially those little islands with random stranded trainers. Hoenn was really fun to play overall; the nature was more interesting and varied than in Kanto.

Trainers like to cross it using this technique called Dive. But personally, I think that’s a fine place to draw the line!
I second this notion. I never understood how that was even realistically possible. Your character goes underwater in their regular clothes, doesn't even put on scuba gear, and I don't know how the heck they breathe while underwater. Maybe your character is supposed to be part human, part fish?
I just assume that the technique Dive includes a mechanism that allows the passenger to survive and leave it at that.

I'm glad you enjoyed Michael's date with Shella. Haha Actually, to the contrary of what her prolonged absence from the story may imply, Shella's a pretty important character and will be sticking around for some time.

And yes, there's nothing like having a dangerous secret... especially when you weren't aware you had it to begin with. We will see the consequences of this little mishap later on. Will Michael escape the League's clutches again, or is he about to get busted for good? Stay tuned...

Thanks for the review!
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