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Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
I really suggest remapping. I don't know if you will, but if you don't it'll be boring since it will feel like revisiting kanto with better graphics.
But you are revisiting Kanto with better graphics.

Originally Posted by hanabluebird View Post
Alright, thank you for explaining to me~ I found a few small glitches(Well, two I can remember noticing) as well, to help you out!
-When standing infront of the pool of water at Mt. Moon Square, the reflection is choppy and yellow.
-When you have entered the house to steal the Secret Key, it glitches for a second, showing two figures; one at the table, another at the front door.
-When playing as a female, you are referred too and called male/he/etc.
The first glitch is directly related to the glitch that ruins Jessie/James' palette. I'm looking into it.
The second glitch I'm not entirely sure how to fix, as it's just a result of the level script not loading instantly
The third glitch i have fixed.