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Well,I've been thinking - I've kind of liked Team Plasma, because they went beyond the need to rule the world - they wanted to "save" it at first; well, the pokemon, that is, but as their development went on, yeaaah they went back to the classic villain methods. With this villain team, I do at least hope they go beyond the need to rule over pokemon or rule/destroy the world.

I think its this reason why most people love Team Rocket the most, beyond the nostalgia glasses. Taking into account gamestates prior to the MC's involvement, Team Rocket basically owns Kanto. It's a region wide mafia and people are legitimately scared of them, the police force knows of them yet still can't do a thing to stop them. They had some sort of presence in most of eastern Kanto, Vermilion and Fushia being noticeable exceptions, and has business such as the Game Corner and of course the Viridian Gym under its control. Their goal was simple: make money and get strongmons and here's the thing, until you came along it was working.

If we discount Emerald then the only thing that Team Magma/Aqua did that the population of Hoenn would've had an idea about was the stealing of the submarine in Slateport and the takeover of the Weather institute. I think the problem with every team bar Team Rocket (and you can make a case for Team Plasma too) is that it's entirely possible that the Main Character saw their growth from their beginnings as a little group, to big bad legendary mon controllers, and beat them over the course of their journey, which actually puts you on an even footing with them. You feel that you can beat them easily. With Team Rocket it's more of an uphill struggle because of the dominance they've already established (and their determination if you look at G/S/C) so it feels more fun to play?

Well, my point in, I would like to see more incorporated fear and development within these new villain teams; like a struggle of courage should be expected at first.

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