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I can't say what I'd do if I encountered a rodent, since I've never had to deal with them as a pest.

Spiders I'll keep my distance from and hope they go away, things like centipedes I'll probably squish, something like a beetle or similar I'll catch and release outside, if it's a roach or a fly, nope, they're definitely getting squashed. I will not stand having roaches around, and as for flies...well, seems like there are times of the year where if I get one, I suddenly have 30, so NO. No flies. It got so bad last year I ended up finally buying flypaper for those little beggars (and of course by that time I'd gone on enough of a rampage that they were pretty much all dead).

A stingy bug like a wasp, I'll probably flail around and hope I can coax into going outside. Hnnngh.

Anything else, though...I'll probably end up leaving alone. Like those silverfish I've had pop up in my bathroom from time to time. They're okay, I don't care if they stay.
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