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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Its hard to tell. The Art style seems close to the style in B2W2. As for Yveltal...doesn't really scream Dragon, though I wouldn't mind too much. Dark/Dragon, I can't really see without a Proper Backstory. And if Dark/Dragon, I think we can debunk the Norse relation. I always though of him as Yatagarasu anyway, but still it would be a pretty solid debunking.
Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
There's been so many fakes in the last month that it's hard to tell now. I don't mind the typing cause Hydreigon is a Dark/Dragon and imo he's a pretty solid and cool looking Pokemon. Though it's sort of a letdown since it's the 8th time the box mascot has been a Dragon type (including Rayquaza and counting Black/White Kyurem/Normal Kyurem as one) and I'm pretty tired of it. I like the fact that it could be Dark cause it makes it seem fierce and strong.
But guys! There is an advantage - it'd mean the first time where one is dragon and the other isn't, which could make for an interesting trio, really. Buuut now I kinda doubt it's true, so :( Still it'd be interestingggg.
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