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Quote originally posted by XanderO:
They usually don't post it as an official confirmation until the 15th anyway. As for me, it seems to match the B2W2 Protag artwork a bit as well. So honestly, I can't tell. The set up is really well done and matches other CoroCoros better than the last three fakes I've seen and shows a different screenshot rather than copy pasting the screenshots from the original trailers.

We basically have 4 days to find out and it is about time for the Leak.

As I mentioned in the Legendary thread, I don't mind Yveltal being Dark/Dragon. Doesn't look like a Dragon at all, but I don't mind it. Also they don't have to be Flying type to fly. Look at Garchomp, Beedrill, and Hydreigon.

Garchomp flies?

True it could have levitate like Hydreigon...which would make it a better Hydreigon if it has a good stat distribution and as good a move pool as it...
The pokemon seem odd though, a different style from the rest.

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