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Ragnaros Bloodthirster Phylax

"Wait, we're near the tunnel." The Pawniard raised a patch of grass... or so Bloodthirster thought, at first. What he realized afterwards was that Lashire uncovered a hole in the ground. "Down this way. We'll be going into a very dark passage, but make no lights. No fire no nothing. Fire is easily seen from a long distance down here. One flame and every Ancient will be on us. Just keep close and you fall behind... well... just make sure it doesn't happen."

And he leaped into the hole, along with Saul. Bloodthirster was hesitant, to say the least. The hole was barely enough for him to squeeze through; he wondered if he would have to go all the way like this - the city was within range of sight, but it still was a pretty long way.
I hate being underground. I hate this no fire thing. And I hate not flapping my wings. And I hate not crushing the pesky bugs people call Ancients. With a great, intimidating frown that screwed up his face, he followed his allies into the hole, glancing one last time at the open sky.

"Be wary, keep your eyes open." Vigil had said, and Bloodthirster didn't need to be told twice. His eyes weren't that strong in the dark, but his ears and his nostrils were enough for him to grasp the presence of other Pokemon. In that case, his claws shivered with anticipation. He was hoping for some carnage since the last time they got to beat up Ancients, and Cape City would most likely bring up some fun.

As they moved further into the tunnel, it got darker and darker, until Bloodthirster couldn't even recognize the outline of the shadow of the Pokemon in the front. His tail got anxious in the limited space the tunnel's walls allowed him, inspiring him the urge to smash it against them to widen them, as if it ever would. He knew better, thankfully - every cave or tunnel, like those of Korhal Mountains, collapsed if he got angry. Personal experience had taught him that, and also how to survive if a cave collapsed.
The dark was still a problem to him, as annoying as a swift Aerodactyl who disabled and stunned him.

"Follow me Gold Tribe. For the most part it is a straight shot, but every so often I'll tell you all when to make a turn or what not. Don't miss the turns. We can't spend time searching for you in the miles of tunnels, the best advice I can give you if that happens is try to find your way back to this area and get out of the tunnels. Once an Ancient finds ya, that's it."

Lashire's voice echoed through the tunnels, making Bloodthirster's scales wave. He shook his head lightly, vainly trying to detect at least a hint of light in the ultimate dark; hope costs nothing, he told himself as he looked down, disappointed. They walked and walked and walked, the ground seeming enticingly soft under his feet - he would gladly flatten it with them if that wouldn't cause some trouble. All the walking had gotten him bored and whiny, thinking why not just fly over Cape City and bring a world of pain to any who opposed him? Ah, but war wasn't that simple. He wasn't the only one fighting, only he did not realize. There were newcomers lately, lost Golden Tribe members who helped their own numbers grow. Wasn't that a thing to make him comfortable? The Gold Tribe was wasn't dead just yet. They had a chance to survive... or not. Auron was toying with them.

"Auron is toying with us," he said aloud, gritting his teeth in displeasure. He wasn't talking to anyone in particular, it was that his thoughts became unbearable after a while, and that happened alot more faster in the ultimate dark. I hate dark, he repeated to himself, I hate being underground, and I hate walking underground.

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