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There's been much debate on this issue. I obviously think that yes, Fennekin is meant to represent the Dog, but there's still a faction who think that its not. I wanted to get the opinions of the people on here.

To start, I'll share my opinion of why Fennekin should be allowed in the Zodiac club. My opinion basically boils down to two reasons: Cyndaquil and Chimchar. Some of the same people who claim Fennekin is not the Dog also hold these two up as the Rat and Monkey respectively, without realizing that this punches a major hole in their theory. The fact of the matter is that Cyndaquil is not based on a rat and Chimchar is not based on a monkey.

Lets start with Cyndaquil. Now, Cyndaquil has been identified with many fans (and official sources) over the years as being inspired by a shrew or an echidna. The very name Cyndaquil seems to denote echidna because these animals have spines sticking out of their backs. They also have the same long snout as Cyndaquil. However, neither a shrew nor an echidna are related to rats: they aren't even rodents. So, Cyndaquil is not really a "fire mouse", even if Sugimori identifies it as such.

Likewise, Chimchar also pretends to be a monkey when it isn't. I'm sure that some of you think I'm crazy for asserting this theory, but the fact is that no, Chimchar is not based on a monkey. Its based on a chimpanzee. And for those who didn't know, chimps are not monkeys; they are apes, which is a completely separate family. Apes are actually more closely related to humans than monkeys because humans are in fact apes ourselves.

Therefore, Fennekin is actually as close to being the Dog as Chimchar is to being the Monkey, and is even closer to being the Dog than Cyndaquil is to being the Rat. However, I am not advocating that Cyndaquil and Chimchar be disqualified from being part of the Zodiac club. The simple fact is that Sugimori and Satoshi have always mashed together animals as inspiration for their Pokémon, even if the animals they group together are only distantly related. Chimps may not actually be monkeys, but in our imagination, they are close enough to be associated with monkeys. The same can be said for shrews/echidnas and rats. Therefore, even though Fennekin is technically a fox, it should still be considered close enough to meet the requirements of being the Dog of the Chinese Zodiac.