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Quote originally posted by .EJ:
Doubt it....foxes aren't considered "True dogs" from the Canini Tribe like dingoes, wolves, coyotes, domestic dogs etc. but rather they're Vulpini.

People think foxes are dogs because of it being in the Canidae family, but really they're not. Let's do some research guys~
Dude. This is Pokémon, where an echidna/shrew (Cyndaquil) is considered a "fire mouse." Its no stretch of the imagination that they'd have a fox representing the dog.

Quote originally posted by iTeruri:
All fire starters are from the Chinese Zodiac: broken with Cindaquil.
People say that Cyndaquil represents the Rat, which I can see personally.

Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:
actual dog pokemon like Growlithe represented the Zodiac already, so, it's a surprise that they'd use a fire fox again.
Growlithe is based on a shisha, which is a cross between a lion and a dog