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Destiny Saviouer :: Moscow, Russia
Chapter One :: Noise of Moscow

Destiny frowned as Adrian decided to seriously ask questions.

"Two actually," he stated, with a sort of avoidance in his eyes. "Firstly, could you draw any more attention to us? If you scream like that again we won't have to break in because they'll be on us like the plague, which means non-targets will die and we'll be royally screwed. Secondly, how are we going to sneak in through solid glass? Those windows won't open and whilst they won't see us coming through that grime, they'll notice the loud smashing noise as we come through. I'm for the plan, but we shouldn't pretend that any decoy will last more than two seconds."

Adrian sighed. "You're certainly right about all our plans having merits. Vampires will probably eat Nox for example."

Destiny's eyes narrowed slightly, having not been amused by Adrian's joke. "I wasn't actually being that loud. Listen around, my dear. We're in Russia." Destiny opened her arms as she motioned to the whole of Moscow, pointing out the general clamor and business of it all. "As for your second point, I personally would have no problem using my abilities to open the window. Granted, if I were on this mission alone, I wouldn't even bother with the window. As for how you plan to do it . . . get creative. A little higher level thinking shouldn't kill you, I would hope, and it should help you in the long run."

Destiny folded her arms across her chest, waiting for the others to respond, instead of sitting there like mindless zombies. And Destiny had seen quite a few mindless zombies in her life time. Her old friend used to conjure them up left and right.


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