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Angels have but one purpose: to maintain guardianship over the Human assigned to them. If the Human lives a full life, safe from evil, the Angel who guarded over him or her will ascend to the Heavens alongside the Human, and both are promised a wonderful afterlife. However, should an Angel fail, both the Angel and the Human will fall into darkness for all eternity. The Divine Creator has given Angels a specific list of rules, and if they disobey, punishment will be severe.

  1. You musn't ever leave your Human unguarded. Your Human's protection is your duty alone, and cannot be transferred to any other. Keep your Human in sight at all times.
  2. You must protect your Human at any cost. Selfish thoughts must never cross your mind. Your very life is owed to your Human, and you must risk it if needed to protect your Human.
  3. Fighting off Demons and Dark Entities is only your secondary task; Human safety is top priority. If you are unable to maintain both, you may render your Human unconscious and flee with the Human to a safe location before waking the Human.
  4. Your presence must never be discovered. You may interact with the Human World and its objects only in an EXTREME EMERGENCY.
  5. If your Human dies of causes that are not in your power, such as sickness, you will be assigned a new Human. However, if something could have been done but you have neglected to do it, you will suffer Eternal Darkness while your Human will enjoy a Heavenly afterlife.
  6. Any relation with a Human is absolutely damning to both you and your Human, and both will earn Eternal Darkness.
  7. No Human may ascend the Heavens, and the Angel who attempts to bring one will earn Eternal Damnation.

This Roleplay is Rated M, for Violence, Coarse Language, Disturbing Visuals and Themes, and Sexual Content.

The Story
A world of modern technology, first world problems, and easygoing lifestyles most fitting for Humanity. However, there is a world parallel to this one, if you think of it in that sense. Angels, guardians of Humanity. They are merely legend among Human knowledge, but they do exist. However, it seems like less and less of them are around these days. More and more Humans live without guardianship, and the Angels who still remain are left to wonder. While the Humans go about today like any other day, the Angels feel a disturbance. Something about this day is sending their senses into a frenzy. Is it a bad omen? Only time will tell.

Who Am I?
You are either a clueless Human, going about your daily life and handling your problems as any person would, or an Angel, working in secret to keep your Human safe from harm. Either way, you live somewhere in Seattle, Washington. Humans, your background story is entirely up to you, as long as you end up in Seattle (well, and you don't include something unrealistic). Angels, your History is following around your Human, so read through their History and add in what you experienced while guarding the Human, aware that you see the things your Human doesn't.

The Rules
  1. Always, always follow PC's basic RPing rules.
  2. No bunnying, godmodding, powerplaying, or anything of the sort, unless you have permission beforehand.
  3. Don't post /too/ quickly; give others who your characters are around a chance to react to your post before you go ahead with another. Fair's fair, right?
  4. Don't fall inactive! Every pair here relies on its two players! If one goes AWOL, what is the other to do?
  5. Be respectful and have fun! If you don't, Supervegeta will damn you himself!
  6. Follow rules and be fair! If you don't, Skymin will smite you herself!
  7. Password for Angels is "Watch"; Password for Humans is "Listen".

Since this is a somewhat unusual way to do things, I'll break down what you need to do, in order:
  1. Ask a fellow Roleplayer to pair up with you for this RP!
  2. Once you've paired, decide which of you will make the Human, and which will make the Angel.
  3. Once you've paired and decided, reserve yourself and your paired player in this thread!
  4. Once your pair is reserved, the Human will create the first Sign-Up.
  5. Once the Human sign-up is accepted, the Angel can then create his/her sign-up.
  6. (This is so the Angel knows everything about the Human and can more easily complete the Sign-Up.)
  7. Once both sign-ups are accepted, your pair is ready to play!

Name: (First, Middle, and Last)
Nickname: (Names your character has been called in the past or is still called)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Age: (From 14 to 30)

Occupation: (Job. If none - or too young - simply put "N/A")
Hobbies: (What he/she enjoys doing with free time)
Disorders: (If he/she has any illnesses, diseases, or disorders, list them here.)
Quirks: (Peculiar traits, can be good or bad)
Likes: (Things he/she enjoys)
Dislikes: (Things he/she despises)
Dreams: (His/her hopes and dreams)
Fears: (His/her greatest fears)

Appearance: (A written description is required, you may add a picture to help visualize the character further)

Personality: (How your character thinks, acts, and feels; this one is self-explanatory)

History: (Describe your character's life from their early memories to their current age. If he/she didn't already live in Seattle, you must explain why he/she moved there. Be sure to include all major events in his/her life, as your Angel will need this information to expand their own sign-up. Remember, your Angel has seen everything the Human has, and more)

Secret Code: (If you read it all, you'd know this.)

Name: (Only have a first name; self-chosen)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Physical Age: (From 18 to 70. Angels do not age, they simply exist at a physical age that they desire to be. Once decided, it is unchangeable.)

Likes: (Things he/she enjoys)
Dislikes: (Things he/she despises)
Dreams: (His/her hopes and dreams)
Fears: (His/her greatest fears)

Appearance: (A written description is required, you may add a picture to help visualize the character further)

Personality: (How your character thinks, acts, and feels; this one is self-explanatory)

History: (Describe your character's life from their assignment to guard a Human, up to the current point. Be sure to include a reflection of all major events in the Human's life; you will need this information as the Angel's knowledge. Remember, you have seen everything the Human has, and more. This includes spiritual events that may have occurred, any demonic attacks or dangers the Human may have experienced or almost experienced)

Secret Code: (If you read it all, you'd know this.)

Current Players
Here is the list of accepted or reserved players!

Last Updated: March 15th

Bolded: Accepted
Italicized: Reserved
Linked: Sign-Up Sheet

(djcboi) Kyle - Jade (WolfOfEve)
(NightOfRemorse) Irene - Melody (PinkSapphire)
(Khawill) Tacent - Crescent (IceFyr1928)
(Lokiepie) Maeve - Caradoc (gimmepie)
(Fuyu) Josiah - Charlie (Jbsundown)
(~Genevieve~) Amanda - Courage (heretostay123)

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