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Well, it's me again, the person who starts projects but never finishes them. And yes, I'm thinking of starting another project.

I've decided to call it Fiore 2.0, and it's set a few years after the events of Pokemon Ranger. The idyllic Poke-paradise has fallen apart, and Pokemon have started attacking and killing humans, since most of Fiore is untouched nature, the Pokemon are more "wild". Many people have fled, even most of the rangers. The only ones still there are the rangers in Fall City, Fiore's largest and only city.

To make matters worse, the Go-Rock Quads decided their superstar status was getting boring and decide that while Fiore's weak, they'll take over.

And so it falls to the completely mismatched group of Fall City Rangers to save the region.

Then, just because everything wasn't confusing enough, the alternate universe versions of the rangers who are part of Team Dim Sun appear in their universe. (I can't tell if Palkia or Giratina would have the powers to send them there).

This will be a comedy, as it really won't take itself seriously. For one thing, one of the characters was raised by Mudkips, her AU version was raised by Tepigs, and three of the AU characters are a background character from Wreck-It Ralph and two Vocaloids.
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