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chapter 3; Climbing the Mountain of Adversity: A Duchess in the Rough! Part II
Katherine Aldine // Pewter City, Pewter Manor

Katt looks up at the luxurious mansion and sighs, "Well, she definitely lives like a Duchess..." The young Trainer knocks on the front door to the home of Lady Melanie, the challenger she faced in the mountainous western-end of the city.


"Emo?" Sparky, who is sitting atop of Katt's head, twitches his tail. The small squirrel Pokemon is anxious to have a rematch against the Altaria that trounced him earlier.

Katt waits patiently for a moment before the door is finally answered by a rather tall gentleman in traditional butler's garb. The man looks Katt over and says in a dull tone, "And what may I assist with you this afternoon, madam?"

Katt clears her throat before saying, "Um, yes, my name is Katt. I had a battle with the young Duchess-to-be earlier today and I was hoping she was acquiesce my request for a rematch."

The butler raises a thin eyebrow, "Pardon me, madam, but you must be mistaken. The Lady Melanie has been in her study the entire afternoon. She has not left the premise."

At that, Katt knows something's off. Quickly, she says, "Um, I meant yesterday afternoon. My apologizes, I'm a tad flighty from time to time." She waves a hand dismissively and hopes the butler falls for her lie.

As an answer, the gentleman steps aside from the entrance and says, "Right this way. I'm sure the young Lady would be more than happy to indulge in a battle." Katt smiles and walks past the butler, finding herself in a very spacious foyer decorated in an old Victorian styling.

The sight takes Katt and Sparky's breath away! They stare, mouths gaping until a familiar voice from the top of the main staircase snaps them out of it.

"Are you going to just stand there with your mouth open all afternoon? You'll catch flies."

Katt snaps out of her reverie and sees Lady Melanie descending the stairs, an icy look in her eyes and a blank expression on her face.

"Milady," the butler begins, "This girl says she had a challenge against you earlier and would like a rematch." Melanie's pupils dilated by a fraction of a degree, but it was enough for Katt to know that the young Duchess should not have been in the mountains earlier.

"I see," Lady Melanie says before turning, "Come, we shall have our rematch in the gardens." She begins to walk off, her butler in tow. Katt and Sparky silently tag along, taking in the treasures of the Pewter Manor as they walk. Katt notices that, for all its grandeur, the manor has a serious lack of occupants.

"Does anyone else live here?" Katt asks, almost absently as they continue their walk along a hallway at the back of the manor with large windows that allow a view of the gardens.

"Milady's parents, the Duke and Duchess of Pewter, are away on business in the Unova Region," the butler explains dryly. As they reach the entrance to the gardens, the butler hastens forward to open the door for Melanie and Katt.

"Thank you, Albert," Melanie replies. Katt simply smiles and nods as she follows Melanie. A few moments later, after traveling past some very fragrant flower beds and hedges, Katt finds herself on a large, Indigo League-regulation Pokemon Battlefield!

"Wow! This is amazing!" Katt exclaims.

"Emo!" Sparky, eager to get started, hops down from Katt's head and lands before her. "Emo! Emo!" The Emolga lets off some warm-up sparks, indicating he means business.

Melanie casually walks to the other side of the field and says, "We will do battle with two Pokemon. I assume your Emolga is your choice so mine," she retrieves a PokeBall from seemingly nowhere, "is Altaria!" Throwing the ball skyward, Altaria emerges and lands before its Trainer.

"Altaria!" The majestic cloud bird spreads its wings to attempt to intimidate Sparky.

Albert strolls to the middle of the battlefield sideline and says aloud, "The match will be a simple, no substitutions two-on-two battle! The first Trainer to defeat both of their opponent's Pokemon is the winner!" Raising his arms, Arnold shouts, "Begin!"

Katt calls the first command, "Sparky! Take to the air and cirle around while using Charge!"

"Emo!" Sparky jumps and glides in a wide arc on the wind, careful to avoid Altaria as Emolga charges its energy!

"Pathetic," Melanie says. "Use Dragonbreath, Altaria!" Altaria aims at Sparky and fires a spray of the blueish-gold flames, but misses due to Sparky's trajectory!

"Now use Spark!" Katt orders. Sparky dives in and tackles Altaria to the ground! The contact releases a powerful jolt of electricity into the bird's system, dealing harsh damage! "Quick, back away before it can recover and use Charge again!"

"Emo!" Sparky kicks off of Altaria to return to the sky! Altaria remains stunned!

"Altaria, use Refresh," Melanie says coolly. The azure bird trills as a soft, green glow envelops its body, leaving it free of its paralysis! "Now, take down that pestering rodent with Flamethrower."

"Alt!" Taking to the sky, Altaria unleashes a red-hot gout of Flamethrower! The fire attack singes Emolga's wing, causing the small Pokemon to become grounded!

"Now, attack from above with Dragonbreath," Melanie commands. Altaria circles towards the flightless Sparky and spews forth another Dragonbreath! The strange flames hit Emolga dead on, sending the Pokemon backwards!

"Sparky! Not again! C'mon! You can do it!" Katt keeps urging Sparky and much to her surprise, Sparky actually gets up!

"Emo!" Sparky looks at Katt and flashes a toothy grin. He won't go down that easily.

"Great! Now, use Thundershock! Bring that bird down!" Katt commands. The Emolga releases the amped-up electrical charge, but before it makes contact, Melanie calls an evasive maneuver!

"I don't think so. Use Cotton Guard, Altaria!" Melanie orders! The Altaria flaps its large wings, sending forth a wall of cotton-like plumage! The plumage nulls Sparky's electrical attack, giving Altaria the time to dive-bomb in and use Dragonbreath!

"Dodge it!" Katt cries! Sparky barely avoids the attack and, on instinct, releases a second Thundershock! This time, the move hits dead-on! "Yeah! Now use Quick Attack and follow-up with Spark!" Katt orders confidently. Sparky does as told, first closing the gap between itself and Altaria and then releasing a powerful Spark!

"No!" Melanie cries, "Altaria, beat it away with your wings!" But, Altaria cannot move, having already fainted from the intensity of Emolga's electrical attacks.

Albert holds up his right arm, indicating Katt, "Katt has won Round 1! Now, on to Round 2!"

Katt cheers, "You did it, Sparky! You did it!" She hugs her Emolga and places him on her head, "Time for you to rest though." She pulls out Lily's PokeBall and throws it skyward, releasing the Lilligant! "Alright, Lily, your time to shine!"

Melanie just looks on icily, "Don't get cocky. Altaria, return." The large bird disappears in the familiar red shimmer and Melanie lets out her second poke, "Go, Cincinno!"

"Cincinno!" The regal mouse Pokemon emerges from its PokeBall elegantly. It looks at its opponent, Lily, and scoffs, "Cin!"

"Fufufu, even Cincinno finds you too weak. This should be easy," Melanie gloats. "Use Tail Slap!" Cincinno bursts into action, swinging its twin tails at Lily!

"Stop it with Sleep Powder!" Katt counters! Lily releases the sleeping cloud just in time, catching Cincinno off-guard and putting the Pokemon to sleep! Katt laughs, "What was that about being easy? Lily, you know what to do!"

Lily nods and pirouettes through the air, releasing Leech Seed that sprout in a circle around Cincinno, ensnaring it to the ground and sapping its energy!

"Cincinno!" Melanie gasps. Katt smiles, happy to see such an out-of-character reaction from the frosty Duchess-to-be.

Katt crosses her arms, "It looks like I made incredibly quick work of your Cincinno. Lily, return." Lily bows before disappearing into its PokeBall. Walking over to the still sleeping, and now fainted, Cincinno, Katt frowns, "You evolved it immediately upon receiving it, didn't you?"

Melanie scoffs, "And? So what if I did?" She pouts and avoids making eye contact.

"Well, it explains why Altaria is your best Pokemon," Katt explains, "Compared to that, Cincinno was easier than a wild Rattatta." Katt looks at Melanie and says, "If you want to really be as strong as the cityfolk make you out to be, then you need to train Cincinno as hard as you do Altaria."

Lady Melanie just turns away, "You've won your battle, so leave now. Albert, show her the door."


"I apologize for milady's behavior," Albert says as he shows Katt out. "She very much dislikes to be trumped in battle."

"No biggy," Katt says with a shrug, "Just let her know that sore losers are the poorest of people, would ya?" She doesn't wait for a response before bolting out the front door and towards the mountainous area in the west.

"Emo?" From his spot atop Katt's head, Sparky seems perplexed.

"We're going back to the area where wild Pokemon spawn, Sparky!" Katt says as she runs, "I have a good feeling!"


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