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Apollo & Vlad
The booming, languishing cry of Vlad pierced Apollo’s slumber. He hadn’t even realized that he had nodded off before the great lizard cried out in anguish. “W-what’s the matter?” He sputtered, his tone panicked, almost frenzied. No answer came back, but it was bad enough to see that they were slowly loosing altitude. Cautiously inching his way to the edge, Apollo peered over the side to try and make sense of the situation. This wouldn’t just happen without reason, the Charizard was far too strong a flier for something minuscule to obstruct him. No, this had to be the human’s doing.

As he caught his first glance of the girl below, his assumption was correct. He didn’t know what, but the human was doing something, something that he couldn’t even begin to explain. As if her act of sorcery had not been enough lunacy for one day, she began to shout for freedom and demand she be dropped from Vlad’s secure grasp. Didn’t she realize the fate that would await her? A fall from this height, even into the ocean, was sure to end in her death. It seemed foolish, even if her future at the hands of Glacia was none better.

“I can’t hold the human much longer!” Vlad finally spoke, his voice weak and raspy. “It’z doing zomething to me. My wingz, they grow tired and my chezt achez with the pain of winter’z bite.”

“You must hold on!” Apollo assumed his prior position, his voice struggling to reach above the wind and cries that came forth from Vlad’s belly. It broke his heart to hear his friend in pain and his anger swelled at the small creature that was causing it. If he didn’t act quickly, they would all die. But he couldn’t come back to Glacia empty handed, could he? With a sigh, he crawled to the dragon’s head, his claws resting assuredly on his friend's neck.

“Drop the human!” He shouted. So, Vlad did.
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