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Name: Jiggly

Partner Pokemon: Pink Floyd the Jigglypuff, Proxy the Ditto, and Patronus the Stantler

Reason for Joining: I've loved normal type pokemon since I can remember. They're strong, and very capable of taking out the best of the best. I'm also infatuated by their appearance too! From the cute and the fluffy to the badass and the sassy, there's a normal type Pokémon for everyone! Also, normal type moves are very impressive. You have totally devastating moves like Hyper Beam & Giga Impact, but as well as those you have moves like Attract or Sing. Urgh they're just so great.

Answer the current topic: Which is the strongest normal type Pokémon? I've always loved Blissey because it's probably one of the toughest walls out there. It's cute as heck too! Porygon & it's evo's are pretty slick too.

Favorite Normal Type Move: Metronome