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Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2

The thin stream of light that made its way through the drawn shade was the only indication to how nice it currently was outside. Along with the sun high in the sky and not a cloud in sight there was a small breeze blowing through the trees. A small flock of spearow could be seen flying high in the sky, chirping happily to one another. It truly was a beautiful day. Hidden away and unaware of all this Edmund woke up with a start. Something felt wrong to him, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Had he forgotten something?

Sitting up quickly he looked around his small room to see if he could find the cause. Nothing really stood out to him and it didn't look like there was anything that was missing. Dirty clothes thrown in a corner, half-open backpack hung on the door knob, phone and wallet on the night stand, random papers covering his desk, books on the floor. Yes, everything was just as he had left it from the day before.

Wait. Bright green digits caught his eye. It was his new digital alarm clock. The green display happily informed hin that it was currently one forty-three in the afternoon. Crap, he had overslept on today of all days. With a shout he jumped out of bed and tried to rush over to his dresser to get changed. Instead he ended up tripping over his bed sheets and falling to the floor. Cursing he untangled himself from the stupid things he proceeded to pull fresh clothes out of the wooden dresser, starting with a new pair of pants and one of his plain grey shirts. Sparing one last annoyed glace at the failure of an alarm clock he started to get dressed.

"I'm sure that I set the alarm yesterday," he thought, pulling on his trusty black sweat shirt over his head. Not bothering to untie them he shoved his feet into well worn sneakers, wiggling about to get them on straight. Dashing out of his bed room and down the stairs he paused long enough to grab a cereal bar. Unwrapping and basically inhaling the oh so nutritious brunch he continued on his rush to get of the house. Only to stop and freeze with his hand on the knob of the front door. In a panic he ran all the way back up the stairs and into his room to grab the application that he had slaved the night away filling out and his travel ready backpack. He really could not afford to forget his application again, remembering how he felt like a fool last year after waiting in line for two hours before realizing that he would not be able to become a trainer.

Bursting out the door of his home, pulling his backpack on as he ran towards Professor Elm's lab he couldn't help but hope that he would not be late. No would not be late. Putting more speed into his step he ignored people and pokémon alike as he ran down the street. Not even considering slowing down he jumped over the fence that went around the perimeter of the lab and arrived at the front door in record time. After taking a second to catch his breath he pushed it open and walked purposely past the assistants towards Professor Elm, completed application held tightly in hand.

"Professor," he shouted. "I have my application done this year. I hope I'm not too late."

Taking Edmund's application with a wince and looking over it quickly Elm stated "No, you're just on time. I still have two pokémon left. Let me file this and then we can get you your pokémon."

He had made it. Grinning Edmund looked over at the table that held two shiny red and white orbs on it. He hoped that no one had taken his cyndaquil yet, it wasn't possible. Humming to himself he waited while Professor Elm typed his information into the computer. After putting the application in a large filing cabinet Professor Elm retrieved the hard plastic trainer card from the printer.

"There, all done. You've officially been registered as a pokémon trainer," Elm said with a smile handing Edmund his card. "Now you can choose –"

"Can I get the cyndaquil?" Edmund said cutting him off. He was ready for his pokémon now and he didn't think he could stand the long speech Elm usually gave.

"I'm sorry, but as I was trying to say I already have run out of all the official starters. The two pokémon that I have left are Machop and Poliwag, who were generously donated to me by older trainers" Elm said gesturing towards the table.

Freezing for a second Edmund couldn't believe that someone else had taken his starter pokémon. "But I wanted a cyndaquil! I thought you were supposed to have the official starters"

"Edmund, now the only reason I don't have any more of the official starter pokémon is because most of the other new trainers actually came in on time. You are very lucky that I even have any pokémon to give you at all, if you really wanted a cyndaquil that badly then you should have gotten here earlier."

Realizing it was a lost cause and arguing would only hurt him he took only a second to choose which pokémon he would have to take. Obviously he wouldn't take the weird looking water type, so that left him with a single choice. With only some reluctance he said, "I guess I'll take the machop."

It wasn't a cyndaquil, but a pokémon was a pokémon and he was not going to pass up the chance to get one of his own. The more he thought about it the more he was sure that it wouldn't be so bad; it looked like it would be a pretty cool pokémon. Sure it paled in comparison to a fire type pokémon, but he could always catch one of those somewhere else. That wouldn't be so hard would it? Taking the offered pokéball, a smile worked its way to his face. This was his first pokémon and he wasn't going to let the fact that it wasn't what he was expecting get him down.

"Why don't you let him out and get to know him," Elm said glad that the hot-headed teenage wasn't going to give him anymore problems. "The little guy might be shy at first, but he should warm up to you pretty quickly."

Pressing the button on his new pokéball Edmund watched a red beam shot out and a short blue-grey pokémon materialized before him on the tiled floor. The confused pokémon looked around the lab for a few moments before noticing the pokéball in Edmund's hand and looked up at him expectantly.

Looking down at the small pocket monster he knew that he had made the right choice. The guy might be little right now, but he could tell the machop would only get stronger. Without a second thought smiled down at his starter and said, "I think I'm going to call you Buren"


So originally I had planned for this chapter to be around three times longer, but this felt like a nice spot to stop at. You can probably tell that I am not used to writing dialog, pretty sure last time I have was in middle school for a creative writing assignment. So tell me any parts that feel weird while reading and I'll try and fix them. If anyone can guess my naming theme kudos and a virtual cookie to you It might become clearer when I introduce the rival and his stolen pokemon (Or it might not, you never know). Tell me what you think.

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