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im starting a new nuzlocke challenge since i failed on my sapphire one. tate and Liza destroyed my team Im gonna play the ruby version.

caught a zigzagoon on route 101.

team so far.

Kugpao - Torchic

Rigby - Zigzagoon


route 102 didnt catch a pokemon it was another zigzagoon. same with route 103. route 104 caught a talow named it ace. pettalburg woods caught a wormple named it mothra. battled roxanne one pokemon died mothra the beautifly. level 6 - level 12. went to the route before the rustburg tunnel. didnt catch a pokemon another zigzaggon. at the tunnel caught a whishmur. battled the magma grunt a second time. won the battle. went to briney's house took the boat to dewford. got the old rod. went to the granite cave. ran into an abra it telepoted. went through the cave. talk to steven gave him the letter. got the tm for steel wing. went to the dewford gym. lost my Ace aka Tailow. level 6-level 10. swept through brawly with kungpao. at the beach battled some trainers lost boombox my whishmur level 6 - level 8 went to slateport. went to the route above slate port. caught a gulpin named it slimer level 14. went to the museum lost my slimer in the first battle. won with kungpao.

Team sofar.

KungPao - Combusken level 20. (bulk up , ember , double kick , peck)

Rigby - Zigzagoon level 9 (tailwhip , growl , headbutt, tackle)


Mothra the beautifly Level 6 - level 12

Ace the tailow - level 6 - level 10

Boombox the wismur level 6 - level 8

Slimer the Gulpin level 14 - level 14