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Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
Dipu, let this image replace that one.
It remains one of my favorite memes.

Haha glad they like it. X)
You can call me Slender/Jess, though, if you want. Then you don't have to copy and paste my name because of the operator symbols. c;
Okay lol

And at that image, try telling that to the guy with a chainsaw resting under his family jewels.

Edit oh god

Me: "Hi, I have a problem with my left speaker, no sound is coming out of it."
Tech Support: "Have you adjusted the balance in the volume properties?"
Me: "Yes, it's definitely not that, and it's not a sound card or connection problem either. Could you just send me some new speakers? It's still under warranty."
Tech Support: "Errrm, ok, I want you to go to DOS and type 'format c:' and then restore your hard disk from the master CD."
Me: (click)

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